Market Update

2016 1st Quarter Review

A Historical Rebound

 The pendulum swung both ways in the 1st Quarter 2016, as the S&P 500 plunged more than 10 percent to start the year before rebounding strongly in late February and March to finish in positive territory. The Canadian market and most...

2015 Year End Review

 White Nuckles!

As I am writing the epilogue to a challenging 2015, I am listening to the talking heads on business networks forecast “volatility” in the markets for 2016.

“Volatility” is a good word to use when you don’t have a clue. And believe me,...

2015 3rd Quarter Review

Just a Flesh Wound

Much to chat about this quarter. I do apologize for the length and technical details.

2015 2nd Quarter Review

Forecast calls for heat!

  • Greece dominates the headlines. After a healthy start to the year for the European market, the Greek debt crisis spurred a sell-off in the final days of the 2nd Quarter that knocked more than 6 percent off earlier gains. Although...

2015 1st Quarter Review

Shift in the winds


The era of low oil and other low commodity prices has endured another quarter, but we have witnessed a subtle shift in the winds of the global economic and equity markets. Generally speaking, the world’s equity markets exhibited...

2014 Q4 Market Review

2014, the year of surprises…

This past year proved to be full of surprises.  A year ago, the consensus market themes for 2014 were that (1) interest rates were going to rise; (2) the Chinese markets were in for a slowdown; and (3) the oil patch would be...

2014 3rd Quarter Review

Last quarter we expressed caution about the market.  A long-run up in stock prices will do that to any diligent portfolio manager.  The quarter was fraught with volatility as the August pull back was followed by a new all-time high in late September, which...

2014 Q2 Market Review


When one manages money professionally, what we are really hired to do is find and take advantage of investment opportunities. For existing clients, we portfolio managers tend to prefer a market that is trending up; it makes for nice statements and...

2014 Q1 Market Report

Up Side Down!

It was a rocky road to a positive 1st Quarter performance for stock investors, with only a select few sectors carrying the gains. Here are some highlights:

2013 Q4 Market Report

What a year!

This year was one for the record books. Most pundits could not have imagined much less predicted the market events that unfolded in 2013.