Who We Work With

Professionals: You are at the top of your game. However, your income is dependent on your ability to continue to be the best. It begins and will end when you decide to retire. Your practice is not a business that you can sell to finance your retirement. You need to establish a long term plan to ensure an optimal use of your retirement assets.  

Retirees: You are enjoying retirement. Your income is dependent on your benefits, real estate holdings or your retirement portfolio. Do you have a qualified team of Investment and Retirement Stewards in your corner?

Entrepreneurs & Executives: As an entrepreneur or executive, your largest asset is your ownership in your company shares and assets. How do you manage this risk? We have developed strategies to help you mitigate risk in a variety of ways: Monetization strategies of publicly traded shares, Individual Pension Plans, Investments tailor made to family trust and other corporate entities.

Foundations & Endowments: As a board member or executive of a foundation or Endowment, you are very familiar with the day-to-day struggle managing daily cash flow requirements with long term market fluctuation of the investment funds. We can help you in many ways: developing investment policy statements, investment committee advisory or managing your institution’s assets.