Information For Advisors

GIMS Compliant Portfolio Management

As a partner, manager or consultant you likely have many limitations as to which securities or investment strategies you can pursue in your retirement portfolio. Your firm’s restricted list can change frequently which can have a major influence on your...Read more

A Basic Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of those topics that many people prefer not to talk about, perhaps because it confronts us with the inevitability of our own demise. However, trying to steer clear of the difficulty and discomfort of the task is not a good reason...Read more

Safety of your Investments

Safeguarding a lifetime of your hard-earned savings is of paramount importance to all investors. In the lead up to the Great Recession of 2008-09, we witnessed the bankruptcy of two longtime U.S brokerage houses, Lehman Brothers and the venerable Bear...Read more

How to Attract (and Keep!) High Net Worth Clients

Many advisors have built very successful practices catering to high net worth individuals. What makes their businesses reach this level of success, and what can you learn from them? Handled properly, the high net worth (HNW) side of your business can...Read more

Behavioural Investing - How We Make Decisions Impacts Our Future Success

We’re all looking for simple solutions, and for the most part, many of us like to make quick decisions. It is human nature to want to simplify our lives. Over time humans have evolved to the point where we have developed the skills to make quick...Read more

Exponent Investment Management Conservative Option Overlay Strategy
Ask For Referrals

Referrals are the best way to grow your business – but only if you ask. As a Financial Advisor one of your primary tasks is growing your business. But as you know, new clients don’t just walk through the door. You have to proactively prospect...Read more