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In push to pay down mortgage, couple nearing retirement has let investments, savings languish

Situation: Ontario couple has paid off most of mortgage at the cost of building retirement assets

Young family in Toronto with rising six-figure income faces eternal question: Should they keep renting, or buy a house?

Situation: Couple in costly market wants to know if they should buy or rent and effect on other goals

How we take a Revolution and make it an Evolution

For centuries two words, although resembling one another, have been used time and again in contexts both politically and socially in an often antagonistic means.  Revolution conjures up visions of a need for “sudden change” and if not carried out with...

Understanding Bank Stocks

The European financial sector has led to the recent downside in all global markets. Benoit Poliquin explains the underlying factors of bank stocks to understand why the shares are down and how it has led to weakness in financial markets. Watch our short...

Counter Trend Reversals

sing the movement of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar as an example, Benoit Poliquin explains the phenomena that is counter trend reversals. See how you can take advantage of these short term bounces in the second installment of our weekly market...

Market Breadth

Using the concept of Market Breadth, Benoit Poliquin explains why the returns of the S&P 500 were so meager in 2015. Watch our first market update video to understand how only a handful of stocks carried the performance of the S&P 500.

Couple needs to get their budget under control or risk overspending in retirement.

The Coming Seismic Waves to North American Markets & Your Portfolio

No one will argue that since Black Monday occurred back on October 19th, 1987, investors patience with market corrections have been tested  with what feels like shorter intervals. We no sooner seem to tuck one incident away, a few years elapse and we are...

The Tax Treatment of Option Premium Income

From a Canadian Investor standpoint, learn more how option premium income receives a very favorable tax treatment. We explain how covered calls can increase your after tax income dramatically without increasing your risk.

Made in China

Years ago I had the pleasure of being associated with two of Canada’s major news families. One sage member of one family commented on the then success of the newspaper business in Canada as this, “Pessimism sells 9 times the amount of newspapers that optimism...