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Election Spread

What are the option traders telling us about the impact of the November 8th U.S. election results? What will be the impact; up or down? By how much? Watch to find out more.

How to Attract (and Keep!) High Net Worth Clients

Many advisors have built very successful practices catering to high net worth individuals. What makes their businesses reach this level of success, and what can you learn from them?

Investing for the New Tomorrow

Progress is not possible without change and we have collectively witnessed perhaps some of the most profound transformations in history. Our jobs as stewards of capital have evolved. Fundamentally the process remains unchanged but the consumption and speed...

Behavioural Investing - How We Make Decisions Impacts Our Future Success

We’re all looking for simple solutions, and for the most part, many of us like to make quick decisions. It is human nature to want to simplify our lives. Over time humans have evolved to the point where we have developed the skills to make quick assessments...

CPP Expansion May Be Centre Stage, but Liberal Changes to OAS May Have the Bigger Economic Impact

The stage is set for big potential changes to the Canada Pension Plan, but off in the wings other changes are already being made to our national programs. In the March budget, the Liberals reset the start date for Old Age Security to 65, marking a major shift...

Where's My Invitation?

Dull wet and rainy afternoons in the office this June led to conversations about the state of retirement and the value we now place on baby boomers in the economy.

Exponent Investment Management Conservative Option Overlay Strategy

Ask For Referrals

Referrals are the best way to grow your business – but only if you ask. As a Financial Advisor one of your primary tasks is growing your business. But as you know, new clients don’t just walk through the door. You have to proactively prospect for new business.

The Colour of Money - Your Tarnished Value

Most of us who spend a lifetime of working hard, raising a family, owning a home and saving for retirement place a lot of stock in the quality of advice we receive along the way in guiding our success. Over the years a lot of noise has been made out of the...

The New Meaning of Planning Beyond Age 60

As we approach the next decade, Canadians will face a dramatic demographic shift. We call it the coming “Silver Tsunami”. The change will have serious and profound implications for the national economy, government policy and the well-being of its citizens....