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A good portfolio manager in times of market volatility!

During the difficult times of the stock market, recognizing the qualities of a good portfolio manager is of utmost importance. Moving from a large financial institution where the focus is more towards production makes realize how much my current customers...

What Just Happened This Week in The Markets !?!


This week surprised many investors.  As of Friday morning (Feb 9/2018), the S&P 500 index is down over 200 points to close on Thursday at 2581 or almost 10% while the S&P TSX Composite index is down 650 points or 4% to close on Thursday at 15,065.  While...

Has your portfolio gone to Pot?


Christmas was sneaking up on the calendar and I decided to drop by one evening to grab some favourite takeout from a local Greek Restaurant. As a regular, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the family over the years. As I sat waiting, the daughter...

NETFLIX Party!  Should you join it?


NETFLIX reported this week and the stock took off like a rocket. At the risk of sounding like an investor who is not along for the ride (true) albeit by choice and an old guy that just doesn’t get it (my kids would vouch for that)…Is the current stock...

Will OAS be sustainable with an aging population?

Let us begin with an introduction on OAS (Old Age Security).

Decumulation, it’s yours to lose

For most retirees or those soon to retire, the term “decumulation” is something that should become first and foremost in one’s mind.  It has been ignored and yet represents one of the key building blocks of one’s retirement nest egg.

Are we concerned enough about the proposed tax changes?

The proposed changes to the taxation of private corporations is still a proposal, not a completed legislation.

OAS and Pension Income Splitting

What is OAS (Old Age Security)?

PDAC 2017

During the last week, I attended the annual PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) conference in Toronto. For those of you who do not know, the PDAC conference is one of the largest mining events in North America. It is a premier destination...

You know the market is frothy in the US when…

You run the scans and find 22 overbought stocks: